Harnessing data and technology to enable marketeers to decide which advert is delivered to which consumer in real time

Delivering custom solutions to engage audiences on all screens with greater efficiency

Precise Audience Targeting

Engage audiences using precise analysis and demographics including age, gender, social standing and geographic area.

Highly Personalized Content

Tailor specific messages and content to the right person, at the right time and in the right context.


Advertisers know their campaigns are being delivered to an exact audience and the powerful technologies that are delivering this.

Superior ROI

Run more efficient and optimized campaigns- maximizing ROI by accurately targeting audiences.


Maximise revenue and increase competition for your ad revenue

Harness technology to conduct media transactions on an impression-by-impression basis

Peak Performance

 Increase competition and improve fill rates for your inventory by connecting with multiple demand partners.

Optimum Control

Take control of how your inventory is sold and improve operational efficiency.

Smarter Ad Decisioning

Utilise technology to enable more efficient ad decisioning and optimise the value of every impression.

About Us

Welcome to AMN Media

AMN Media is a leading Programmatic Advertising agency.

With a team of experienced media buying and marketing industry professionals, AMN Media is the right partner for advertisers and publishers wishing to establish efficiency in spend and resources.

AMN Media utilizes its considerable expertise and the latest technology to assist advertisers and publishers to run highly tailored and personalized campaigns, with a more efficient sales process and to achieve better advertisement relevancy to their consumers at highly competitive rates.